• In January 2018 think tank will be transformed into a non-profit association. The corporate governance of the following will be specified in articles of association (i.e. Statute);
  • Each think tank member is eligible for running a function within think tank (to perform a function of working group coordinator, management, etc.);
  • At the moment think tank is shaped by 7 different working groups, however would the need for a new working group become evident, think tank will adapt and reshape accordingly.
  • Besides working groups, think tank will form a collegiate body (of three or five) to synchronise and coordinate think tank’s work;
  • Meet ups of all think tank members will be held on a quarterly or biannual basis;
  • Management of the think tank, along with active participation of think tank members, will be performed digitally through an application or a platform yet to be defined.
  • Coordinators of each working group will propose and elaborate focal points of each group in a harmonised way amongst all group participants;
  • According to the response rate, each working group is represented by 20–40 participants;
  • Coordinators of respective working groups briefly provided group introspection, namely how participants will interact with each other, the search and analysis of ‘use case’ scenarios for public and private sector and preparation of proposals for legislation amendments.

2. FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION: Think tank activated





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Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia

Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia

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