Danfoss 24Idea Blockchain Hackaton

On 6th and 7th of February Danfoss ran a Blockchain Hackaton with the objective of finding an innovative solution for District Heating Utility networks enabling the infrastructure to reuse and sell surplus heat. BTT representatives were given a great opportunity to be part of this learning experience and helped the applicant to better understand limits and possible solutions for proposed blockchain innovations.

Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia
3 min readFeb 17, 2020

Last year Danfoss Trata Slovenia and Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia made an agreement to collaborate on a joint project, aimed at identifying blockchain companies and projects in the wider region, that are developing technological solutions within the energy industry. We’ve made a public call and invited all interested to submit their ideas and apply to be part of the Hackaton.

The application deadline was due early January, and five carefully selected teams from Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, Portugal and Croatia were invited to attend Danfoss Blockchain Hackaton set up on 6th of February. On day 1 Danfoss presented the objectives of its Hackaton that is closely connected with solutions for District Heating Utility networks that needs to be able to reuse and sell surplus heat. Danfoss assigned district energy experts to the blockchain teams, so mutual learning was done for both parties involved. After the first round of preliminary team presentations went through, the preparations and improvements continued into the night.

On Friday afternoon, the teams presented their solution to the Danfoss investors who decided to run the pilot project and explore the area of sector coupling, including renewable power and waste heat. Blockchain Team will continue to work closely with Danfoss Team.

Mateja Panjan and Saša Kojič from Danfoss District Energy Team: ‘’We in Danfoss are really focused, as part of our growth journey, on how to bring innovation and new technologies into our company by working with startups and other companies and engaging with them. 24Idea was a fantastic event, we have merged blockchain companies with district energy experts. We had an amazing time building up some new knowledge and understanding how we can use new technologies, how we can learn from blockchain companies and are really looking forward to learning and prepare for a pilot project with one of the winning blockchain team. This was a great way for Danfoss to accelerate the way how we engage with external companies and find out how we can work together in a fast, dynamic way.”

Dr. Peter Merc from Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia: ‘’At Blockchain Think Tank we are very pleased to have successfully completed the “Danfoss Blockchain Hackathon” project together with international corporation Danfoss. With this project we have proven that Think Tank is acting as a bridge between blockchain industry and reputable companies, which is one of the core missions of the think tank. Blockchain technology is gradually being implemented into the products and services of companies operating in different industries. Therefore, we at the Think Tank expect more similar projects in the future, such as the one completed with Danfoss.’’

Danfoss is a Danish-based and family-owned international company that leads in areas of climate & energy, food and infrastructure by engineering tomorrow. Danfoss Trata Ltd., operating in Slovenia, is a global Danfoss District Energy competence centre for the business development, product portfolio development, R&D and management of the entire global supply chain. Danfoss is not only aware of the challenges that digital transformation in Industry 4.0 brings but is also monitoring the development of new technologies (Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Big data) and adapts its business strategy to new market opportunities.