Building a community for District Energy

With a growing number of actors and activities dealing with digitalisation and better distribution and energy consumption, we can see an unprecedented process of transformation. Distributed ledgers are an emerging technology that has drawn considerable interest from energy supply firms, startups, technology developers, financial institutions, national governments and the academic community.

These advancements open up numerous questions. What are the benefits of blockchain brings into the energy sector? Can we identify use cases and name our biggest challenges? Who are the people and projects to seek advice from?

Earlier this year Danfoss and BTT organised a hackathon where we explored the fundamental principles that underpin blockchain technologies, such as distributed consensus algorithms and system architecture. Next, we focus on blockchain solutions for the energy industry and information sharing to leverage current business cases and co-create a playground.

Once again Danfoss and Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia organised an event, this time it was hosted virtually.

We provided a systematic review of activities and use cases we’ve identified so far and explored possible initiatives and collaboration in the energy sector.

Our agenda was as follows:

  • Welcoming and Introduction to Blockchain to the Next Level: Building Community for District Energy (Anja Blaj, president of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia and Saša Kojić, Senior Director for Stations business, Danfoss District Energy)
  • Intro and Report about Danfoss Blockchain Hackathon (Mateja Panjan, Customer relation Manager in Danfoss District Energy)
  • Follow-up from Danfoss Blockchain Hackathon (Sebastjan Pirih from Netis, Mislav Javor from Ampnet and Milenko Tosić from Vizlore)
  • Open discussion about the Blockchain in the Energy sector and collaboration for the future (moderated by Milan Jungić, Business Development Manager for software suite in Danfoss District Energy)

The meeting has been recorded and published on our Youtube channel. It is available on the following link.

If you wish to read more about it, we would kindly like to draw your attention to the following article: Blockchain Technology is Becoming Essential for District Heating Management.

If you would have any additional information shoot us an email to We appreciate your feedback and comments.

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Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia

Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia

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